Amy Horn


the importance of photographs.

This week I mourned the loss of someone very dear to me. My heart is broken. Though the funeral was beautiful, touching and appropriate I still have yet to find closure of the passing of Mike.

I was sitting on my computer and thinking of the last time I took a picture with Mike – more than two years ago. Before that? Well, I’m not quite sure. There have been times that I get my camera out at family events and the eyes start to roll. Then I beg, demand and plead for people to let me take their picture. Please? Just one? I know that they will cherish them one day.

I tell this to a lot of people who give me reasons they don’t want their picture taken “right now” because of weight, hair, outfits, weather, etc. Children, nieces, sisters, parents, loved ones and friends don’t care how much you weighed in a photo. Or what you were wearing or the haircut you had. They care that they have a photograph of the person that they love. A capture of their loved one at that moment in their lives.

Last summer I visited with Mike for a few hours. I took a couple of snaps on my iPhone as he borrowed my husband’s motorcycle and off he went. I am sad that I didn’t get my DSLR or even my point and shoot out. Or maybe said “hey, let’s all get a snapshot together.” But I am grateful that when I visited him in Arizona at 2009 that we did take a minute out of our busy evening of dirt bike riding to turn the camera away from the scenery and onto us.

Please, readers, make sure you take the time out at your next family gathering (or just with friends) to pull out a camera and take a few quick snaps. Remember your life as it is now and take joy in the present.

Here’s to you Mike. I love you and miss you.

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