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Agropur Burnaby Collective Agreement

What is important is that the agreement also covers five days of paid domestic violence leave – two days longer than what is legislated in Nova Scotia. Paid leave potentially offers life-saving assistance for those fleeing a violent situation. “We are proud of this agreement because of the improvements and protection that our members will see over the next few years and we are pleased that we have not made any concessions,” said Doug Gray, President of Unifor Local 40-N. “Our committee has heard the problems and concerns of membership and has come into negotiations to find solutions. I would like to thank the entire negotiating committee for its hard work and congratulate it on its solid result. Members of Local 40-N of the Agropur Dairy Cooperative in Bedford, Nova Scotia, ratified a strong collective agreement after a round of negotiations that members considered respectful and cooperative. The agreement covers 150 members who work as van drivers, mechanics, laboratory technicians, electricians, energy engineers, production workers and ships. The four-year contract has been ratified at 89 per cent and provides for wage increases of nearly 10 per cent over the life of the agreement. Members ensured improved planning practices, prior qualification for high-level leave, improved pension transfer funds, increased uniform allowances and training leave (HSP).

“It`s encouraging to see how an employer develops good relationships with its employees and treats negotiations as a way to improve the workplace, keep workers happy and safe, and make their business a place where people want to work,” said Jerry Dias, Unifor National President. “I commend the negotiating team for their hard work in securing an agreement that was clearly echoed among the members.” Brother O`Neill has been a member of the Teamsters since 1987. After nearly 30 years at Dairyland/Saputo, Bret holds all key positions in the dairy industry, including CIP/Pasteurizer, Automated Warehouse (DAWS) Operator, Cheesemaker and Shop Steward. Sister Macpherson has been a Teamster Laboratory Technician at Saputo and Shop Steward since 1984. She feels that her role is to help solve problems between her colleagues and the company. Outside of work, Lindsay enjoys working in her garden. Brother Christensen has been a teamster since 1996. Mike, who participated in the only strike in the restaurant`s history as an employee of The Original Cakerie, saw the positive effect of strong Teamsters management. During his 19 years as a union activist, Mike Chief Shop was a steward and health and safety lawyer, as well as an agent on the Local`s board of directors.

Her Union activism began when she saw that the small group of laboratories needed to have a voice to address her concerns. Brother Flemish has been a teamster for 18 years, while working at Island Farms/Agropur in Victoria. Brad is currently a driver and had worked for many years in the cooler and case dock. Brad has been Shop Steward since 2012 and has also been a member of the contract negotiation committee. In his spare time, Brad enjoys hiking and works on his Camaro `69.

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