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Valid Hire Purchase Agreement

1.15 The collateral contract is a contract between the seller and/or the postman and the buyer or seller and/or the postman and/or a third party (party) to ensure the proper performance of the buyer`s obligations under the contract (including a surety, guarantee and/or guarantee contract). 11.2 The terms and conditions of the contract apply to the extent that they are not in contradiction with the particular conditions. If there is a difference between the special conditions and the terms and conditions of sale, the conditions agreed under the special conditions apply. 14. The tenant cannot rent or lend these machines and equipment on another basis or allow them to be used by another person without the prior written consent of the company, and must not align them with a person to ensure payment of the money. Any balloon payment charged for a lease-purchase loan – although not a surcharge – has the effect of deferring some of the costs to the period following the loan. This means that in previous months and years, consumers would repay less of their credit than they would for an EU bank or loan. If goods that are or become defective under a lease-sale, the responsibility rests with both the merchant and the owner (financial company). In this situation, a consumer can make claims against any party. A claim cannot be made against the manufacturer of the product. To be valid, HP agreements must be written and signed by both parties.

You must clearly state the following information in an impression that everyone can read effortlessly: 4. The tenant has provided the company, for the execution of this agreement, a sum of Rs. … as a surety or serious, which are adjusted to the rental price of the machines and equipment mentioned, if the tenant exercises the option to purchase the same option as the one mentioned below. If the tenant does not exercise this option or if the contract is terminated prior to the exercise of this option, the amount of the surety is returned to the tenant by the corporation at the expiry or the former provision of this agreement, subject to the deduction of the rights that the business may have against the tenant under the agreement or the law, including the entry price of the machine and equipment in question. Since the property is not transferred until the end of the agreement, the lease-sale plans offer the creditor more protection than other methods of selling or leasing unsecured items. This is because items can be removed more easily if the buyer is not able to track refunds. The rental-sale law applies to the lease-sale agreement. The seller or financier reserves the right to take back the purpose of the sale if the buyer generally neglects his contractual obligations or the right of ownership of the object of the sale until the full payment of the purchase. 9.1 The seller and/or the postman has the right to pass on information about the purchaser, contractual terms and the performance of the contract (including non-performance of the contract) to the following parties:9.1.1. the seller and/or the postman and his group companies, employees and service providers, including companies or individuals who provide collection services to the seller and/or postman;9.1.2.

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