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Worksafebc Doctors Of Bc Agreement

These new contracts are part of a series of available compensation options that may be attractive to physicians based on their personal circumstances. BC physicians negotiate two formal agreements with WorkSafeBC: the Physician Services Agreement and the Salaried Physicians` Agreement. The Physician Services Agreement describes the relationship between FFS and physicians in session and WorksafeBC, including the pay rates of physicians who treat injured workers. The Physicians Employee Agreement outlines the terms and conditions of employment of medical advisors employed by WorksafeBC. The 2019-2022 wage agreement was ratified in June 2020 and signed in September 2020 and will take full effect from April 1, 2019 to March 31, 2022 included. Negotiations on the 2019-2022 medical services agreement are being finalized. If you have any questions about the negotiations, you can contact Mr Dereck Eby at: All technical questions relating to the voting and ratification process can be addressed to Mrs Christine Donnelly: e-mail After a year of consultations between BC physicians and the Department of Health, the ministry is now proposing a series of new contract options for interested physicians to provide greater freedom of choice in the way they practice. The new contract options address a number of important points raised by physicians, including the desire of some established and new family physicians to move from the service pricing (FFS) model to an alternative compensation model and the needs of physicians whose FFS practices have been significantly destabilized by COVID-19 conditions. The Physician Master Agreement covers economic relations and agreements between the Government of British Columbia and the Doctors of BC. The agreement is in effect until March 31, 2022. There are a number of agreements that establish the relationship between the B.C.

government and the Bc Doctors. These agreements recognize that the parties cooperate in the health system and recognize their shared commitment and responsibility to meet the needs of the population and patients. The ministry consulted with BC`s physicians during the development of the contracts. For more information, see (membership request required). If you have any questions after reading the material provided online, contact Doctors of BC staff at Above are the information needed to quote this article in your document or presentation.

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