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Lwvtb Agreement

After the purchase, a short survey will send you by email, the answers of which will help you customize the nature of your contract. If you need advice in the event of a breach of contract, this will be considered a civil matter and professional legal advice should be sought. Unfortunately, the BHS cannot contribute directly to the resolution of civil cases. Hello, I`m looking for a lucky hacker for possible long-term loans lwvtb. Must be clumsy and at 2pm/3pm. you have to be safe and reasonable. I know that no horse is 100%. It`s hard! It`s so hard to know what`s best! In any case, getting a signed contract, everything is tighter than tighter. The BHS loan contract is pretty good, I adapted it to my pony and I did not indicate any shoes, NOT FEED EVER, unless she accepted from ME what she takes where to live, that it should not be moved without my permission, and that every detour gave me the opportunity to take it back immediately! Also, that any illness or injury in the loan aid was paid by them until the end so I decided to remove the pony because of its incompetence It was signed in front of the witnesses, and I saw the correct identification. (Driver`s license, important email, write down your address) If you deliver the pony, you can keep the passport at the end of the trip. If not, he really has to travel with him. You can call the agency, as someone has indicated, and inform them that the pony is borrowed, and do not change the details until you have informed it in writing! As someone else said, you check ABORD. I probably wouldn`t take a deposit as it could be argued as if I bought it.

I too would go there and go and see the square. You need to know where to find the pony for a start! Yet there is no guarantee. Even sales are a real leap of faith! They could leave your place and disappear from the face of the Earth! I think if I were in your shoes, I would have them more than a few times to ride a horse and enjoy the pony, take the CASH in advance to be set aside for a trial period, then let it take the pony, with written agreement on veterinary care and care. If they are still happy and the pony is happy, after a month, then the bank money. For a loan to work well, both parties must agree on their responsibilities and ensure that all contingencies are planned, especially what will happen when the loan expires unexpectedly. We strongly discourage a written agreement. Make sure the agreement is acceptable to both parties; Don`t agree with something if you don`t intend to put it into practice or if you don`t agree. A loan contract is an important way to reduce risk and protect the owner, the loan player and, of course, the horse. A loan is always risky. In any case, a loan contract according to BHS and you will receive a receipt for each money that changes the owner, clearly indicate when the loan should be cancelled and under what conditions (buy or return).

Give them the passport, it is illegal for a horse to be moved without a passport, but inform your passport issuing authority that the pony is borrowed (a passport is not proof of ownership anyway). Tell your insurance that the pony is borrowed and make sure you have veterinary insurance under these conditions (most insurers agree). Inspect the yard before the pony and visit every week. It sounds like a big trouble, but it`s the only way you`ll notice the problems. People tend to say nothing when they get into trouble during loans, they can always reassure the owner until at the end of the loan, they make a horse completely different from the one that remains for the loan. The pony will probably be a little unsettled by the move, so make sure they are aware of this and have the appropriate professional support on hand to help them.

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