Amy Horn


Franchise Agreement Act

5. If a franchisee or its partner infringes paragraphs 2 or 3, a franchisee shall be entitled to compensation against the franchisee or his partner. A commercial concession contract may provide for restrictions on the rights of the parties to this contract; in particular, it may provide that the transfer relating to a franchise agreement includes a situation in which: 2.4 The number of years during which the franchise or franchise system operates in Australia. (b) the agreement is concluded, renewed or renewed after the disclosure document has been prepared or updated. unless the franchisee received from the franchisee or potential franchisee a clear written statement that the franchisee or potential franchisee had received, read the disclosure document and this Code and had a reasonable opportunity to understand it. · As a franchisee, you may not have an exclusive territory. 1.6 Do pre-sale advertising obligations apply to sales to subcontractors? Who is required to make the necessary advertisements? In special cases, restrictions on the rights of the parties to a commercial concession contract may be found to be invalid, at the request of the antimonopoly authority or another person concerned, if such conditions are contrary to antimonopoly rules as regards the conditions of a reasonable market and the economic situation of the parties. However, those restrictions shall not apply to concerted actions of legal persons whose total share in a commodity market does not exceed 20 % and where the share of each of them on the market for raw materials does not exceed 8 %. (b) a summary of the terms of use by the franchisee. However, the granting of rights to use inventions, utility models, designs, computer programs, databases, topologies of integrated circuits, production secrets (know-how) on the basis of a license agreement is not subject to the imposition of VAT under Russian law (Article 149 of the Tax Code). . .


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