Amy Horn


Long Term Guest Agreement

Billing for new residents not only serves to protect you, but also your tenants. Long-term customers can be a serious inconvenience to you, the landlord, and to the tenants of the lease, so be sure to consider these people as soon as possible. If you`ve noticed these behaviors in an occupied unit, you probably have a long-term customer who has been turned into a tenant. However, below you will find examples of the same type of people in different situations where one can be considered a guest and a tenant. A solid lease with a specific language on how you expect your tenants to handle the guests who visit the property, including notification, is very important and provides a good basis for setting up clear lines of communication between you and your tenant. Friends and family go through difficult times, a budding relationship becomes serious or a brief visit becomes a meeting place for several weeks. Empathy should never come out the window, but as a landlord, know that it is in your best interest to have any adult living on the lease at your property. If your tenant has moved in without your permission, you need to address the situation. If short-term customers become long-term, regardless of the situation, that customer must be added to the lease.

In the long run, long-term customers can put your rental and their tenants in a difficult situation. If you write the guest policy in your rental agreement, you should consider the following points when it comes to visitors: It should be obvious that the term “long-term customer” is contradictory. The stay of a short-term client is usually included with about one to two weeks. Long-term guests are people who have moved into your accommodation without permission or permission.. . . .

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