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johnny // senior rep session // madison indiana senior portraits

As fall is creeping upon our doorstep, I wanted to post a blog about senior portraits. This is the perfect time of year for students who just started their senior year to have their portraits taken. Not only are the temperatures great, but the scenery practically paints itself into the backdrop of your portrait.

I was lucky enough to have Johnny be my senior representative for Madison Consolidated High School this year. This young man is involved in activities both in and outside of school. Here are my favorite shots from his rep session, where we met to get images for his rep cards. In the next month, we’ll met again to have his actual senior portrait session.

A big thanks to Johnny for being such a great sport during our rep session and I CAN’T wait for his actual senior session.

If you are currently a junior and interested in being a senior representative, please email me at

I will be accepting senior representatives from the following counties in Indiana – two in Dearborn, one in Ripley or Ohio counties, two in Jefferson County. I will also accept applications from students in Trimble County, Ky. and if chosen, will take one student rep from Jefferson County, Indiana and one from Trimble County, Ky.