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february self portrait // dillsboro indiana photographer

I know, I know. I’m SUPER late with this post. In my defense, I had it ready on time. The end of February was very hectic for me and then the tornadoes hit and I got very consumed with volunteering…. then I kind of forgot about it… then sessions started picking up… Well, you get the drift.

Back to February. I attended my first yoga class in January and by February I was finding ways to incorporate it into my every day life. Whether it was physically doing yoga poses or working towards finding my center, I used the short little month of February to help find out who I was becoming and who I actually wanted to become. I think that spending the time on myself during the month of February helped me be prepared to give all of myself after the tornadoes hit at the beginning of March.

I am learning to accept myself, despite my flaws, inconsistencies and other faults. I am embracing the good in my life and acknowledging the bad, but not giving it power. I am living for what is happening today and not what has happened (yet still keeping that in mind) or what will happen (but keeping this in mind too…).

I am embracing new friends and appreciating old ones.

Here is February me.

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